Monday, November 2

HALLOWEEN 2015 6th A& B

Look what we prepared for Halloween! We had lots of fun!
 Are you scared????????????

Tuesday, October 20


Halloween is coming very soon!! Have a look at the gorgeous decorations we have made with the help of our families. Thank you very much for your participation and collaboration.

Thursday, May 28


Yesterday we went to the theatre to see Robin Hood. It was a very beautiful and funny play! We had lots of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 24

Physical Education Class

Today we have enjoyed a very funny class with Meghan and Ashely ; two of our American students. 

Wednesday, March 4

Fun Biomedicine

Last Friday we were scientist for one hour. We talked about the scientific method. We learned the differences between the animal cell and the plant cell and we also used a microscope to see the cells of an onion. At the end of the session we saw our DNA from our saliva.
Fun Biomedicine on PhotoPeach

Monday, March 2

Exchange with a Canadian and an American school.

We have made this video for the pupils from two different schools . One is in Chicago and the other is in Canada. We are looking forward to hearing from them!!!


Some students from 4th grade performed the Little Red Riding Hood  story in front of a very special audience, our neighbours from  l' Arc de Sant Martí kindergarten!
We enjoyed it a lot!

Saturday, February 28

FONIX 2015

Aquest any els guanyadors de la fase local realitzada a la nostra escola han estat la Laura Balboa (5è) i en Rodrigo Romero (6è).
Avui dissabte al matí ha tingut lloc la fase territorial a l'INEFC. Us deixem una foto dels representants de la nostra escola.

Saturday, January 24

Little Red Riding Hood

This is the story of Little Red Riding Hood.........